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    Head in the Sand - Community Idea Stations

    18 Aug 2018, 2:30 pm

    Community Idea Stations
    Head in the Sand
    Community Idea Stations
    And it'll be dotted with some gems of Afrobeat, some Dutch music and some classic Ska. Now if you want to dig your head in the sand to get a better sense of what I'll be playing, then get your shovel ready. Hour one will be covered with those Latin tunes.

    Band adds a taste of ska to Bath festival | The Kingston Whig-Standard - The Kingston Whig-Standard

    17 Aug 2018, 11:58 pm

    The Kingston Whig-Standard
    Band adds a taste of ska to Bath festival | The Kingston Whig-Standard
    The Kingston Whig-Standard
    When you think about what type of music a band from Napanee might play, you'd probably think country or classic rock, not ska punk.But that's all Sofa King ...
    Band adds a taste of ska to Bath festivalCochrane Times
    Sofa King Addicted: Keeping ska and punk alive and in your faceKingstonist

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    Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Saint Andrews Hall, 5 Things To Know - The Oakland Press

    17 Aug 2018, 8:57 pm

    The Oakland Press
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Saint Andrews Hall, 5 Things To Know
    The Oakland Press
    The ska-rock troupe's live shows are as incendiary as ever, with Ben Car still dancing up a storm. And the Bosstones' musical ambitions remain strong; Its latest release, "While We're At It," completes a trilogy of introspective albums that examine ...

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    35 years later, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones still deliver high energy ska -

    17 Aug 2018, 10:02 am
    35 years later, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones still deliver high energy ska
    The ska way. "For me, it was a lifelong passion from the first time I heard it,'' said Barrett of the genre that blends rock, punk, big band brass and infuses it all with a Jamaican happy feet feel. "I love ska music,'' he said. "I'm not ashamed or ...
    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Complete a Trilogy They Started ...Cleveland Scene

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    Ken Maiuri's Tuned In - GazetteNET

    16 Aug 2018, 7:54 pm

    Ken Maiuri's Tuned In
    Her show promotes traditional and contemporary Celtic music and all its roots and branches, and to celebrate a milestone birthday, she's bringing two acts to the Iron Horse in Northampton on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Celtic-indie band House of Hamill ...

    Never want to stop - San Diego Reader

    16 Aug 2018, 6:31 pm

    San Diego Reader
    Never want to stop
    San Diego Reader
    At the same time, there was a total ska scene here, and lots of history of ska music here in San Diego. We felt like we were a part of it, and also part of some other thing too.” #By 1996, ska had begun to take the airwaves by storm. No Doubt and the ...

    Who would you like to see perform at Trails West!? - News-Press Now

    16 Aug 2018, 4:13 pm
    Who would you like to see perform at Trails West!?
    News-Press Now
    Ska music is having a revival and I think if you want to capitalize on that (at least before bands raise their rates), they should book the band Reel Big Fish. Even if you don't know its music, the band's show is super funny, self-effacing and high ...

    “I live in a different world” — an interview with Coolie Ranx

    16 Aug 2018, 9:53 am

    Writing a song is easy. Writing a song that combines infectious riffs with sharp, insightful lyrics that stay relevant 20 years on? Well now, that’s a different story. The kind of story with a hero like Coolie Ranx. Whether it’s crafted songs or spur-of-the-moment toasting, Coolie Ranx knows what to say. A founding member of Pilfers, Coolie spent time with The Toasters and has jumped in—on stage and in the studio—with numerous other ska, punk, reggae and hip-hop bands. My pal Adam Smith got tired of waiting to see his favorite band in his hometown. So he played promoter, moved his invisible hand and booked a Pilfers show himself. In the spirit of full disclosure, Some Ska Band—my little contribution to the local ska scene—will be opening that show with El Grande sandwiched between. That opening slot gave Adam and me the opening we needed to set up a quick Q&A with Coolie Ranx..

    RSS: Take us back to your roots. When did you first start playing music?

    I started music as a child in London. I went to a boarding school, formally being trained on violin and the recorder. Michael Hall in Sussex England a Steiner Waldorf School. I was almost eight years old when I was brought to America and I found music and art again in the form of FM radio, then hip hop, then reggae music, pop and then ska.

    What is your first memory of ska?

    My memory is my grandfather dancing it in the kitchen. To be honest, I never knew anything about ska other than reggae. This modern-day ska, I was introduced to it by The Toasters. The draw was the philosophy of Two Tone Music. I only entered this world via a dare by someone who was seeking to be my manager due to my love of eclectic music. She may have called it ska, but to me it was just reggae. I never made a distinction until I joined The Toasters in `89. I had been singing dancehall in clubs in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, just getting out on sound systems and opening shows for major reggae acts coming into town. I had just returned from singing in the UK when The Toasters were introduced to me `89 after their two frontmen left the band [Sean ‘Cavo’ Dinsmore and Lionel ‘Nene’ Bernard, who went on to form Unity 2.] I’m always hesitant, skeptical and apprehensive about performing with other bands. I go on reluctantly, never really knowing why I am being asked. But once I get there, I have loads of fun with it and the message gets out.

    Your self-titled 1998 release featured a strong dose of political and social commentary that was just as relevant then as it is today. It’s freakishly prophetic.

    I write with my spirit, so prophecy is just letting go and being conscious of your surroundings. They say that in this world there’s nothing new under the sun. All I did was write what I saw. Nothing has changed in as many years since then till now.

    Talk a bit about your writing and recording style. Do they simmer for years or do they come to you in a flash of inspiration?

    Ok first off, songs don’t take years for me. Songs are like breathing and thinking effortlessly naturally. If I am true to what I say all falls into place.

    Let’s jump ahead to the title track from your 2015 release, “From Far.” That song tells us where you’ve been—where do you see the band going from here?

    That’s a good question. I am pausing Pilfers to reconvene next year to start my solo projects. Oh yes, oh yes—cooking up some new food! Lots of island, flavored with NY twists.

    How does your solo work differ from what you do with The Pilfers? Do you have a different approach to the music, a different direction you want to go?

    I believe it’s best to have the listener describe my solo [work] when it comes out. Best I keep that to myself for now until it’s released. As far as Pilfers goes, I remain the same person—it wouldn’t be a bad assumption that it has a familiar theme.

    What are you listening to now, what’s on your playlist?

    I don’t have a playlist really I randomly listen to other artists. I am always working on my craft too honestly. I feel as though everyday is for me to conquer my flaws, of which I have loads. I replay my mistakes and see why they happened and what could I have done to make it better. I listened to loads of artists when I was growing up. What I gathered from them was be yourself. It is so easy to listen to artists today and you can tell who they all listen to. I get excited when I hear a voice a style I’ve never heard. Maybe not even be a hit or what everyone is listening to, just different

    Final thoughts?

    I am a dreamer; I live in a different world and get pulled out of it by mankind. I could sing all day, sit and look at the sky, walk in nature, drink water at the lake, throw rocks on the water and watch it skip. But I live in a concrete jungle.



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