Sep 9th

Stubborn Records Releases Benefit T-Shirt for Legendary Reggae Producer Lee Perry in the Wake of 2015 Studio Fire

By SKAspot

New Brunswick, NJ – Stubborn Records 
has launched an “Upsetter Fire Rescue Squad” fundraising benefit T-Shirt and embroidered patch for the assistance of 80-year old reggae music living legend Lee “Scratch” Perry aka “The Upsetter.”  Perry’s home studio was destroyed in a blaze in December, 2015, after which Perry’s wife said, “he didn’t even have a pair of shoes to wear.”    100% of the profits from sale of the T-Shirt will go directly to Lee Perry.  The shirts are available now for only $15 at

Stubborn founder King Django, a long-time Perry devotee, conceived the project and worked with Steve Kitchen of Vancouver, Canada’s to develop the brand-new four-color design.  Kitchen was kind enough to donate his artwork to the cause, while Jeremy Myers of Jumpstart Screenprinting in Southampton, PA came on board offering a generous manufacturing subsidy.

According to Django, “I met Lee and his wife by chance in the Zurich airport just as I had wrapped up a European tour.  They were both so kind and warm, I will never forget it. When I heard about the fire, I was heartbroken and speechless, and I had to think of some way to help.”

Perry is widely known as an innovator and pioneer in Jamaican music from the ska and rocksteady of the 1960’s through the development of reggae and dub in the later 1960s and 70’s.  His production and even singing style were huge factors in the development of reggae superstar Bob Marley, and his talents have been called upon by a wide range of performers including the Clash, Paul McCartney and the Beastie Boys.  Stubborn Records is America’s longest-standing ska and reggae label, founded by King Django in New York City in 1992, and has been located in New Brunswick, NJ since 2000.

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